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How to Tie Dye

How to Make your own Tie-Dye
By: www.TieDyesByRainbow.com

Introduction:  You can make your own tie-dyes at home.  This makes a great craft project with your family, or for a club or group.  Read below on how to get started.

100% Cotton Clothing
Powdered Dye
Mixing Spoon
 Rubber Bands or Ties (strings)
Pots or Buckets or Bottles           
RID Dyes (Safe Dyes, that are not permanent, can be found at craft stores)

Prepare Tie Shirt:
Fold the shirt and rubber band it or tie it with strings to hold it in place while you paint. Click on the following link to see different tie dye folding patterns.

Prepare Dye:
Put on the gloves, and mix the dye in the Bucket with your mixing spoon. Different color dye per pot/bucket.  You can either leave the dye in the buckets, or place them in bottles.

Dye shirt:
You can then dip different parts of the shirt in different colored dyes in their respective buckets, or you use the bottles and pour the dye on the different areas of the shirt.

Allow the shirt to sit and the dye to soak in the color.  Different dyes will take a different amount of time. 

Cut the rubber bands or strings used to tie the shirt and rinse the shirt in cold water in the sink with gloves on to remove excess dye.  Then place the shirt in the washing machine by itself and let wash for one full cycle of wash.

Dry the shirt and wear your custom made piece of artwork!





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